Tuesday, May 04, 2004

"The Actor's Nightmare"

Do you know it? It's actually a one-act play that's based on - well, just what it sounds like. An actor is having a dream that he is suddenly onstage as the lead in a show. But he realizes that he does not know the lines or the blocking.

Well I lived it tonight.

So there we were after class standing in the hallway, talking about the final exam we had just had, which seems to have been written for some other course. We had all reviewed all of the exams and quizzes and exercises from the past several months of class. Nope, nothing seemed familiar. To any of us.

I've spent weeks and weeks studying, and the last week I spent every spare minute. Someone explain to me again why I decided it was a good idea to go back to school.

Oh wait - I know one good reason. That really hot guy who ran into me, literally, as I left the building tonight. In the words of the song....Damn, wish I was your lover.

Eh. With my luck, just as we got into bed - I would wake up.