Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I will not disappear.

A letter to Christine Stewart, Customer Service Specialist, Macy's; copied to,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Ms. Stewart,

I was extremely saddened to learn of the decision of the Boston Macy's store to
remove part of it's Pride window display. Once I heard this, I sought out
before and after pictures of the display to see where the controversy stemmed. I fully expected to see that the display included some graphic sexual reference. This was not the case. What I saw was two men, not touching, just standing there. One man of color, and one man with a pride flag wrapped around his waist such as one would do with a jacket.

My how offensive that is!

Well. I m offended. As a gay man who spends a lot of his disposable income at
Macy's - who has always touted its diversity - I am heartily offended. I will not be spending any further money at any Macy's store or its parent company stores until an apology is sent to the gay community. Neither will any of my friends once they hear of this. Nor will my co-workers who were shocked when I showed them this as well.

What saddens me most, is the slap in the face to your gay employees. There are quite a few in case you didn't know.

Well, the story is on Andy's site --> towleroad

I know, I know. Joey isn't exactly an activist. But with Republicans who publicly state the DOMA is the most important thing this country has to worry about, and the fact that a few right-wing wingnuts can push a little and get something like this to happen, well it just pisses me off and I am tired of it.


(I never thought I would hear myself say this...
I'm here. I'm gay. Get used to it. )