Monday, February 06, 2006

We're going to....

Well it seems my boyfriend is going to be taking me to Disney World. I'm really excited. Oddly enough I have never been to Disney World, and after last night, it seems we are going.

He's the greatest isn't he? That's his picture there on the right, taken last summer. It's really hard having a celebrity as a boyfriend, but hey, what can you do? I was totally shocked when right after the game he announced our vacation plans to the whole world.

I am so excited for him and his friends. Last night was a huge win, and I am very proud of him. While I am waiting for him to get home from Detroit I am going to start packing for a warmer climate!

And when he gets home I am really going to pamper him. I'll run a hot bath, and then massage his tired muscles and then we'll -

"What's that babe?... Yes I know Ben is not my boyfriend. But can we still go to Disney World?"

Cool. He said yes. Now if I can just figure out when Ben is going to be there...