Sunday, January 30, 2005

Can I hold your stick?

Random thoughts for a Sunday Morning...

I write a blog post everyday. I do. I just keep trashing most of them because they are always about a subject I really don't want to share. As of today I am changing that thinking. Starting this week, I am posting them all. The Good, the Bad, the Hot Straight Neighbor Boy. Just not today.

I am a horrible procrastinator.

I think that a certain blogger over there on the blogroll is really hot. Sex On A Stick. And funny. Wanna guess which one of you it is?

I think that a certain blogger who used to be on the blogroll is extremely hot. He has chosen not to blog anymore. I really miss the Southern Prince and his photography.

Speaking of princes, HSNB asked me to go to a straight club in the city last night. Tempting, but I really don't like being out in the winter, in the city, in a snow storm. I stayed home and did domestic stuff. You know - clean, do laundry, read blogs, masturbate.

It snowed again last night. Now all of the dirty ugly snow is white again. You can make anything look better with a fresh coat of paint.

I'm not currently involved in any theatre productions. It is winter after all. But people keep asking me to come do shows. I do miss it, but I just need a break from all that right now. It's too time consuming. Unless Mr Sondheim calls. Then I'm available.

I really miss hockey.