Monday, May 08, 2006

How I Spent My Easter Vacation (Part3) , by Joey

I was holding on to his legs but there wasn't an ounce of anything other than fear. He was moving around a lot above me, and the ladder was shaking like crazy. Not a big fan of heights, I was hanging on to him more out of sheer panic than anything else.

Then it happened. HSNB's ass was glowing. A light was shining around it like a halo. Now one would think in a situation like this, that a miracle was occurring. Well it was sort of a miracle I guess. One of our neighbors had seen what was going on, and came out with a flashlight. The miracle was that it was him, and not the police.

"You guys need some help?" the neighbor asked.

Over the course of the next few minutes, this neighbor had produced a screwdriver and a t-shirt for HSNB. He was able to climb the ladder himself, and pull out the screen using only the screwdriver (Sigh. I'll never be butch). HSNB was able to get into his house, take his insulin, and put on a pair of shorts.

The three of us sat in his living room, while he told the story to our neighbor (who even now a week later laughs his head off everytime he sees HSNB). The neighbor finally left, and HSNB drifted off to sleep on his couch. Once I knew he was settled, I left as well. Better to let sleeping princes lie.