Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I can't get it up

Yeah well it's not my fault. If my BF would leave me alone for awhile I might have gotten the server up.

I'm trying to install WordPress, and for someone that does software for a living, I have to tell these developers - If you make it idiot-proof, only I will use it.

So we're just going to keep chatting here for a bit longer.

So. What's new. Hmmm. Well, we opened the house at the shore this weekend. There's lot's to talk about there. The Season is here and I am ecstatic! More this week....

I saw Ms. Novak this weekend too. There's a surf stroll talk coming too...

Mikey's having a birthday! Go over and wish him well --> Temporary Trouble Spots

Well I have to get back to work on this software. It's hard to get it up. Some days anyway.