Monday, April 19, 2004

I kissed a boy...

I was standing there talking with friends and catching up. We were involved in a very deep discussion, that much I remember. Out of the corner of my eye I could see someone to my right, but I thought nothing of it at first. Then, I felt something. No, not something physical but, something. And I looked up. And there he was. And he was smiling. At me.

No one would believe that this was happening that night. Once again, I had been at the theatre filling in for someone, doing hospitality. I had finished and headed to the club. And now he was there. Not Matt. But he had that look. That same look as Matt. That happy look, seemingly happy because he was looking at me.

But of course I knew he was going to be there. Even you knew he was going to be there because I had told you last post. Well Mr. Independent decided he was going to handle this one differently remember? Well I did. I treated him as if he was just one more of my friends there that evening. The more we talked, the more I liked his sense of humor, his laugh, his smile, his attentiveness, his sparkling eyes.

But he had to leave. So I walked him out. But he kept walking. All the way to his car. And he said we should go out again. And he kissed me. A lot. And as I walked away, I sauntered non-chalantly up the street, trying not to look at all affected. Of course, just as I finally allowed the beaming smile to cross my face, he passed me in the car and waved.

As I was typing that last sentence he called and left a message. He asked me out. And I'm smiling. Life is good.