Saturday, June 19, 2004

"So who suggested we take Jase to Hooter's for lunch on his 35th?"

"Joey did."


"Yeah, Joey. It's not his birthday after all, it's Jase's."

"Oh great. Now on Joey's birthday we'll have to take him to someplace called.... Nuts, or Bananas."

"Actually I think he calls it Big Daddy's"


Well I knew the homosexually-challenged guys at work would love it. Jase can't even look at a woman without drooling so I knew it would be perfect for him. Luckily I do have that portion of the gay gene that lets us plan perfect parties. And after all it's not like we went to a strip club or anything. We went to Hooter's. Even my mother will go to Hooters. We both like the wings. Although everyone else seems to like the breasts. (Thanks, I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your server)

It was a fun lunch. Observing the guys in that environment was interesting to say the least. I can't even believe that Bill looked at me and said "Have you ever been in a place before that was this packed - and it's all men?". Ummmm. Let me think.