Thursday, June 10, 2004

Sometimes small disappointments can be a leveling of the cosmic forces. I'm still in that good mood for the most part, especially since a test that was to be on Wednesday was postponed allowing for actual study time. I was turned down for a role this week but you can't fight - ummm - nepotism? Is that the right word? You see, the director cast the boyfriend instead of (this is not my quote) "an actor that can actually act and sing instead of screw".

I have to mention that not only do I sing and act, I can also screw with the best of them - I am very handy at set buildings (cue rim shot).

So all of that means I basically have time to get stuff done. The house could use a good cleaning, or a house boy. I prefer my men butch, but as long as they clean.

Massage boy left a message asking if I would be around Saturday night. Of course I am not. The cosmic forces are working overtime to keep all things even you know - another small disappointment.