Friday, December 03, 2004

The Single Gay Man's Guide to Surviving the Holidays - Part 2.

Ah, the season of giving. The season of joy. Now we have already discussed how to reap tidings of great joy from buying gifts for your nieces and nephews. But the most important way to bring you great joy this season, giving you the best bang for your buck (and I don't mean an escort service, although that has a nice ring to it) is to buy first, and foremost, for yourself.

What is that one thing you've been denying yourself all year? What extravagance have you foregone because you just couldn't justify it? Why spend all that hard-earned cash on extravagant gifts for others (who won't appreciate them anyway because they don't have that extra gene we all have - the one that knows dollar store from Neiman Marcus) when the person you most need to impress - is you!

Now come on, you just know that buying that cashmere sweater, TIVO system, or Prada messenger bag is just going to give you a glow that will outlast the harshest of winters.

So go ahead. Do it. Indulge yourself babe. You earned it.