Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So many men, so little time

Okay someone explain to me what the hell is up with the frelling weather? It was 67 yesterday. Gorgeous. All the snow melted away. Boys in the park in shorts. Fast forward to today. Twenty degrees, two inches of wet snow, winds over 20mph. Grrrrrr. And not one of my three men here to keep me warm.

Yes you heard me. Three. Trois. Tres. That wonderful New Year's resolution certainly came back to bite me on the ass. Mmmmmmm. Sorry that made me remember Friday night.

So - if I am going to talk about them - and I know you want me to - then let's list the cast of characters:

Hot Straight Neighbor Boy: Very Hot. Very Neighbor. Still straight, but bending. Bending me anyway. I spent most of last week not being able to move thanks to his wish to become my personal trainer. Ever seen the movie "Jeffrey"? Hereafter known as HSNB.

Supermarket Guy: Quickly becoming potential Husband material. We are dating. Often. More news on that to come. Hereafter known as PHM.

The College Boy: I am definitely going to Hell because of this one. There's a crush - but not mine. And to keep with my rule of not sleeping with potential relationship men, I have let him due nasty things to my body. Hereafter known as TCB.

Now that I think about, I am truly doomed. Karma is a cruel bitch. Who said that? Was that Thomas?