Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Ah, it's Spring! And a man's thoughts turn to...

When the hell did I gain all this weight? I don't remember putting it on. I went to put on my favorite, most comfortable, "boy-my-ass-looks good-in-these" jeans the other day and they were too tight! Of course, I thought, I let them in the dryer too long and they shrunk! Except, I hadn't put them in the dryer.

I blame TCB. All those nights after sex forcing me to go into the kitchen and eat with him. And then there was the whole chocolate mousse episode that I still can't get out of the sheets!

I am going to the gym almost every day, mostly just to look at HSNB's sweaty, straining, body, but that is only making me sore - not thinner! And all this talk about percentage of body fat - oy!

HSNB has promised me a reward if I make my goals. I know what I want as my reward, me feeling better with myself. And one night with HSNB.