Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Come Fly With Me

BF is extremely sweet. Not just to me, but to everyone. This is a dangerous thing. No really. You see, that innocence is a trap. Case in point:

Friday evening, sitting outside enjoying another muggy evening, BF asks me if I had any specific plans the next day. I said, "No, not really", without even another thought as to the fact that those three words could have meant my death.

He said, good. And got quiet. I asked why. "I have a surprise planned". All he would tell me was that it was something I had never done on the island before.

I love spontaneity. I honestly do. But. I loathe surprises. I'm sure it goes back to my childhood with some clown showing me his penis at a birthday party, but whatever the reason, I blocked it out (Hmmm, that gives me an idea for my next birthday party!).

He wouldn't say anything else all evening about it no matter how I tried to pry it out of him, even when I threatened him when my teeth were around his - oh that's too much information.

The more I had thought about it, the more I thought that this wouldn't be that much of a surprise. I can't imagine anything I haven't done on this island in the number of years I have been coming here!

So the next morning we hopped in his Jeep (oh I know - he is SO butch), and headed down the boulevard. When he started to turn I was really intrigued, because it looked like we were pulling into a motel, and he parked right next to it.

"Where are we going", I asked. "Right there", he said, pointing at the marina.

This weekend I did something I had never done before (because I was too afraid to try)and I have this wonderful guy who remembered I mentioned it months ago in passing.

I went Parasailing. Oh. My. God. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am going to have to keep my eye on this one!