Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I feel dirty

It was the first night of my official vacation and I had gotten to the shore early. BF wasn't coming down until the next day.

HSNB was down for the weekend, so it was just the two of us that evening. I showed him some of the cooler spots on the lower end of the island, like the nature reserve, before we stopped off for dinner at the Marlin. I figured he would like the Marlin - it's full of young breeder types looking to get together and hopefully get a little action.

The food was good, and we got into some really deep discussions about when I knew I was gay, when I really was sure. The conversation drifted to high school and college and what it was like for gay men back then. By now, we had been there long enough for the band to start. He eventually found a blond augmented female to dance with, and he kept begging me to come out onto the dance floor with them. I did. While we were dancing he kept bumping into me, grabbing me, rubbing up against me, and all I could think was that he had had too much to drink. So we headed off for the house, without the blond flotation device holder.

The evening progressed with more discussion and wine, as it often does. I noticed during the conversation that he seemed to keep coming back to the topic of my understanding when I was gay. He commented often about how hot I looked with a tan, and if he were gay he would be all over me.

At one point I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, with all intentions of returning and announcing that I was done and headed to bed. By the time I had gotten back, he too had gotten ready for bed it seemed. He was dressed only in his boxer briefs. Of course, I announced I was heading for bed....soon. I was not going to miss the view!

I have to admit all of the talk to that point had confused me, and had me twelve shades of horny. He kept at it too, talking about how he wondered what it was like for two men to have sex, and asking me specific details. The wine and the conversation and the man had done me in. When I finally could take no more, I started in to bed, stopping in the kitchen to get coffee ready for morning.

HSNB said he was getting ready for bed too. He stopped off in the bathroom, and then re-appeared in the kitchen dressed for bed. Apparently he sleeps au naturale. He was leaning against a door and just sort of smiling. I was pointing due north. I grabbed him and pinned him against the door and started to kiss him, hard but tender, my hands roaming all over him.

It was then that I woke up - alone in the house - and realized I had just come the closest to having my first ever wet dream. The first words out of my mouth were..."What the hell was that?"