Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Miss Novak

6:30AM Saturday I was sitting on the beach watching, reflecting, meditating. Hearing a noise behind me I turned, and there she was.

"Good morning, Miss Novak", I said.

"Good morning, Mr. Cusack", she replied as she sat next to me.

"Here's your cappuccino", I said, handing the take out cup to her.

"How did you know I would be here, darling boy?", she asked.

"A hunch I guess. I just sensed it."

"Well, you always were sensitive, n'est-ce pas? Now tell me all about this new young man of yours", she answered, grinning.

Miss Novak and I go back a long way, and in many ways I feel as if I have known her all my life. We met several years ago on this very spot. But, that was not the first time I had seen her. Actually I had been on the beach late one afternoon when I noticed her, walking with the grace and bearing of someone royal, or, a star. As she came closer I could see that she was older, much older. I would guess early seventies, although her face and skin conceal the true age. She had luxurious blonde hair streaked with white pulled back into a clip at her neck. Her swimsuit was a deep blue, and she wore a chiffon type wrap around her shoulders. Although I could not see her eyes behind the Hollywood starlet sunglasses, I could tell she was magnificently beautiful. One name came to mind, Kim Novak.

The day we met, here I sat, doing what I was doing now, reflecting. She came up behind me then as well. "Would you mind if I sit with you a moment, young man?", she asked in a honey tone reminiscent of bearing. "Not at all, please do.", I had replied, intrigued by this request. We talked for well onto an hour about many things, something we would repeat often over the next several years. I have never truly known her name. I had told her once that she looked like Kim Novak, and when pressed for her actual name, she said "Miss Novak, will do. And I shall call you Mr. Cusack because you remind me of that magnificent young actor." That was fine with me. I've always had a thing for John Cusack, and I have been told I somewhat resemble him.

I've spent many mornings with Miss Novak, and my Tales of Summer would have to include her for them to be truly told. On this morning, I gave her a present. Inside was a new wrap for the beach, hand-embroidered on the back in gold were the words, No Autographs Today Please. After all, a star should not be bothered as she is walking the beach reflecting, or sitting with her Mr. Cusack discussing life.