Thursday, August 25, 2005

I wish I knew how to quit you.

It's a long time till December 5, but I can tell you that I can barely stand my excitement for this movie after seeing the trailer.

I read this story many many years ago, and it had a profound effect on me then. I spent 5 minutes crying my eyes out just seeing the trailer! I am going to be a complete mess at the theatre!

I truly hope Ang Lee gives justice to this story. I truly do.

"I got a say this to you one time, Jack, and I ain't foolin. What I don't know," said Ennis, "all them things I don't know could get you killed if I should come to know them."

"Try this one," said Jack, "and I'll say it just one time. Tell you what, we could a had a good life together, a fuckin real good life. You wouldn't do it, Ennis, so what we got now is Brokeback Mountain. Everthing built on that. It's all we got, boy, fuckin all, so I hope you know that if you don't never know the rest. Count the damn few times we been together in twenty years. Measure the fuckin short leash you keep me on, then ask me about Mexico and then tell me you'll kill me for needin it and not hardly never gettin it. You got no fuckin idea how bad it gets. I'm not you. I can't make it on a couple a high-altitude fucks once or twice a year. You're too much for me, Ennis, you son of a whoreson bitch. I wish I knew how to quit you."

Here's a link to the trailer, but ummm, you may want to grab your kleenex first:

Brokeback Mountain Trailer