Monday, August 15, 2005

To write or not to write, that is the question....

I received the following in an email and thought I would share it. As those of you who read my scribblings here already know, I have dabbled with being an actual author for most of my life. Hasn't happened yet - well at least not having a novel published. So the writer geek in me found this amusing, and I think anyone who has had a sanctimonious professor may agree:

When I was an English major in college, I took Shakespeare 201Shakespeare 101 was the plays EVERYONE read. Shakespeare 201 was the
lesser known plays. I read the plays and judged the characters by what they did. My instructor read the plays and judged the characters by what they said. Needless to say we had very different interpretations of both the characters and the plays. I thought Othello was the stupidest play ever written. Othello was my instructor's favorite play. Similarly we had very different interpretations of King Lear.

At that time, they gave split grades such as A/A or B/A on papers in the English department where I went to college. The first grade was on content. The second grade was on writing style. I am the only person I know of to get an F/A, and it was in that Shakespeare class. F for content. A for writing style. The instructors comment "What you wrote was such absolute garbage that I nearly failed to notice how well it was written." That's funny...I thought the same thing about Othello.

The result was that I became an Economics major. Probably a good choice.