Friday, May 13, 2005


Random thoughts today...

Work continues to kick my ass. Luckily finals are over and I can concentrate. Blogger has been a pita too. I posted twice this week by email. Oh, you didn't see those posts? Neither did I. I think I need to make that decision about changing soon.

The wonderful weather we've had has had an evil side effect. No not that, even though I am hornier during the warm months, as you probably already know. Thanks to the delayed spring, lots of torrential rain, followed by warm sun, everything grew and blossomed at once. Which meant dangerously high pollen levels. I haven't had allergy problems for several years, but this year I am existing on mass quantities of antihistamines. So are many many people I know. Ugh. Ever have a hot guy lying on top of you in bed, nuzzling your neck, whispering "oh baby" in your ear, and you had to push him off because you had to blow your nose? Good times.