Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Did you ever have one of those days? No not one of those. I mean - one of Those. A day when the next person that speaks is seriously messing with their continued ability to suck oxygen.

BF decided not to come over last night because I wanted to get an early start on my day today. So. Day starts with crappy weather. Car windows have to be scraped. The commute-that-sucks-out-my-soul becomes a foggy nightmare. Get to work early, but 35 minutes later than I wanted to be there.

Day continues with client meetings. Clients who decided they wanted a new focus. Months of work to be redone. Did I mention no lunch?

Leave work over an hour late and because of it, I am in traffic. That. Does. Not. Move.

Get home. Empty out pockets. Notice that cell phone has been off all day. Power on cell phone. Receive messages. Many messages. Mama Destino called 4 times. Thinks I'm dead. Jewish mothers do not have the market cornered on guilt. Doctor's office called. Could I stop in before the end of the day to have my blood work redone? The results were "a cause for concern, but a second set will allow us to confirm". It's a thyroid people. The levels shift!

BF calls. Asks, "how was your day?". Avoid impulse to hang-up. Or cry. Instead simply say, "Babe, I had a really really bad day". Twenty minutes later he is massaging my back.

It is safe for you to walk the streets again. Mankind is saved by a kind man.