Monday, September 19, 2005

Mind if I come....

Sunday afternoon. Phone rings...

Me: "Hello."

HSNB: "Hey Joey, whatcha doin?"

Me: "Laying on the couch, watching football."

HSNB: "Cool!, Mind if I come over and watch it with you?"

Me: "Well, I'm kind of ummm, naked."

HSNB: After a very brief pause, clearing his throat... "I could bring some beer over."

Me: "BF is on the couch with me."

HSNB: "Oh. Uh. Well, uh. Well call me when you get up. I mean, uh, uh."

Me: "I'll call you later."

HSNB: "Uh, sure." click

BF: Laughing, after relating the part of the conversation he didn't hear... "I'm surprised you didn't just tell him to come."

Me: Crying from laughing so hard... "Something tells me he will. But not here".