Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh no you di'in't

We interrupt our normally scheduled slightly humorous and self-absorbed post, to bring you a public service announcement.

You see, a number of my fellow bloggers are going through some rough times right now, and I was working on something humorous to lighten the blogosphere (Shuttup, it's a word. Because I said so that's why!). But then I received an email from a "fan". What sort of email, you ask? Let's just say it was not a "I love you Joey" type email. Nope, this person was berating me for going on and on about BF, and my wonderful life.

My first thought of course was, "Jesus Christ, would you rather read the entries from my private journal where I almost committed suicide last year after Kirk was killed?". Okay, I thought not.

So yes, right now things are going well here in Joeyland. It wasn't always the case. And it may not be in the future. But that's just the way it is. But make no mistake. I still have debt, car payments, a mortgage, and I do live damn near paycheck to paycheck. But yes, there are blessings in my life. A good job, a man who seems to adore me (and I don't understand why), and my own house. What you don't really know is the struggle to get myself to this point. Maybe I'll share it someday. But for now, no.

So to my friends who are having problems, I am here. I'll help if I can.

And to the anonymous "fan", write what you want on your own damn blog, and don't read mine if it bothers you so much. Oh, and, I like the pictures I post. Get over it!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled humorous post.

Hear about the new gay sitcom?
"Leave it, it's Beaver."