Monday, September 12, 2005

A stroll

She tapped me lightly on the shoulder and said, "Walk with me, Mr. Cusack".

"Of course," I replied. "Water side or beach?"

"Beach. I know how much you love the surf."

"That's very kind of you."

"The air is a bit cooler, had you noticed?" she asked.

Letting out a huge sigh, the question was answered.

"I won't be seeing you again, this year. I'll be moving on to a warmer clime. But I know you will be here when I return." she said.

"Absolutely, Miss Novak. I can't imagine anything else really. There's no place I love as much."

Gripping my hand she said "You take very good care of that young man of yours. I like him very much. As they say, he is a very old soul. Much like you."

"Well I am rather smitten by him," I said grinning.

She stopped, looking over the waves toward the horizon. It was almost as if there was something there, very distant, calling to her. "Love is very fleeting. Guard it well. Nurture it through the cold months and tend it as you would the fire in your fireplace. It is all the warmth you will need to get you through."

"Miss Novak, is there someone..."

She stopped me from finishing.

"That Mr. Cusack, is a tale for another summer."