Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Moms are like that

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I have always said my mother was psychic. The woman has always seemed to know exactly what I was thinking, or when I was not feeling well, or when life was not exactly going swimmingly for me.

BF and I have been negotiating our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together since Halloween. Christmas was easy, with time split between our families. His are here. Mine are 5 hours across the state. We had decided that we would spend Christmas Eve here together and with his family, and leave on Christmas Day for Western PA.

Thanksgiving however was an issue. I normally don't travel home. As discussed before, I have Orphan Thanksgiving, inviting people I know that are single and don't have family close. This would allow me to spend time with both him and his family.

Then my mother casually mentioned on the phone some weeks back, that she would love to have the whole family home for a large Thanksgiving meal, just like in the old days. My only thought at the time was, "Gee Mom, why not just kill me now and spare me the agony".

So obviously this revelation caused a few tense moments between BF and I, with no apparent resolution other than the fact that I was not going to be here. Neither of us were happy about it, but a boy has to do what a boy has to do when his Mother starts throwing around the Italian guilt. That's a force of nature that is hard to reckon with on any normal day.

Then this weekend, Mama Destino called me. I asked her about the menu for Thursday, and if she needed anything of course. That's when she got quiet for a moment. My mother quiet on the phone is usually a sign that prophetic words are about to be uttered.

She said she just wasn't up to having the family for the Holiday, especially when they would all be invading her house in December. It would mean multiple overnight guests including my sister and her Satanic spawn, and Mom just doesn't want to deal with them. So she says.

I know it was just that her Spidey sense knew it was causing issues for me. I am her favorite son after all. And I know she loves me the best. And she always says I'm cute. Gotta love that.