Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Are you nuts?

Normally the pictures I post are chosen for a specific reason. They either illustrate the topic I am discussing, or reflect my mood at the time of the post.

I am sure that was already apparent to anyone who stops by here. And for the rest of you, now you'll look twice.

But today's picture you will assume has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I'll prove you wrong. Later.

I have done something that will prove to people who think I am crazy, that they are completely and utterly correct. I barely have any free time at all to do anything that is, well, just for me. I treasure each and every rare minute I scrounge up to just do absolutely nothing.

So what do I go and do, you ask? Well I decided to join a writing project. Not just any little ol' writing project either. I joined in the NaNoWriMo project. Yes dear friends it is National Novel Writing Month, and I have agreed to attempt the 50,000 word goal by the end of November.

See. Told you I was nuts.

So for the next few weeks, I may occasionally throw some snippets up here just to show you I am working on it.

Oh. How does Reichen figure into this post? He's the model for one of my main characters. I mean, come on, how much more inspiration could a boy ask for? :)

ps: Thanks to everyone for their very kind words when I wasn't feeling well. That was very sweet, and very appreciated.