Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Utterly exhausted!

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Orphan Thanksgiving was wonderful! I am so glad my mother decided against the family thing. Everyone was well fed. There was lots of food left over. I even ended up with a couple of houseguests Thursday night. We played games until late in the evening, and some of us (not me) were just a little too full of wine to make it home! I was already home, but being the perfect host, I was not really drinking all that much.

Friday morning I got creative and threw together an early brunch for everyone (yes, I am that gay). I never do the Black Friday shopping thing and obviously none of my guests did either. I bid the last of them adieu in the early afternoon, and then BF and I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up. And making a mess. And then cleaning each other up. ;)

Friday evening, we went out to see Rent. Yes, I cried during the movie. Three times to be exact. When the movie started and I heard the first few notes of the music tears started streaming. If there are those of you out there who have never seen Rent, I won't say when the other two times were, but take tissues if you go to see it.

I do have to say I don't ever remember sitting in a movie theatre before and forgetting myself enough to put my head on my boyfriend's shoulder. That was a great feeling.

The rest of the weekend was spent decorating, making messes, playing football (yes I love him that much), and spending time with friends. All in all, the most fun since I left the shore. The craziest thing of all, I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. But for now, I'm tired. Daddy needs some rest.