Monday, December 19, 2005

Run Down

The holidays are definitely taking their toll. I eliminated most of my shopping by ordering online, and saved even more time by having family gifts shipped directly there. Once I get there for the holidays everything can be wrapped, instead of doing it here and then transporting them in my car.

But I have been swamped with concerts, and light displays, and evenings with friends. I am tired. I am run down.

Which reminds me, I forgot to write about my HSNB experience last week.

So there I am, all nestled snug in my bed, with visions of - well I guess you can figure that out - dancing in my head, when the phone rings. Okay my phone never rings that late at night. Ever. The BF knows better than to call, and besides he would have used my cell. And I knew where he was. He was already home in bed. Nuff said.

Panic sets in because the first thing I think is that something has happened to someone in my family. I answer the phone trepidatiously, fearing the worst. Of course you already know who it was. He says that he thinks he may have hit someone and they are lying in the road. And he asks what he should do.

Why me?

Being the good friend that I am, of course I jump out of bed and start getting dressed. Right after I tell him to stay put. And call 911. Luckily this happened not too far from where we live, on one of the back roads in Valley Forge.

As I am pulling up, all I see is headlights pointed at me. I pull over, grab my flashlight, and get out. I can see him standing next to the car, and I can see there is definitely someone down the road further, lying in the middle of the road. He is in a panic, and just keeps repeating," shit, shit, shit Joey" over and over again. I ask if he called 911, which he replies that he had. I am doing my best to calm him down, but I really feel the need to walk down and see what has actually happened. I look at my watch (I really watch too many police dramas), and it's just past midnight. I'm amazed there hasn't been any cars by. It's a back road, but usually well-traveled.

I start toward the figure in the road, the flashlight not doing all that much to show me anything until I get closer. But when I did, I could see that there was lots of blood, and whoever it was, was still alive, and thrashing around. If you live anywhere near this area of the country, you have probably already figured it out. It was a deer. And I really really wished at that moment that it would have already been dead.

I will spare you most of what happened next, but when the State Troopers showed up (40 minutes later), they had to shoot it. HSNB's car was in bad shape, but driveable, but unfortunately, he was not in very good shape at all. I got him home, to my place, and put him to bed. I finally got to sleep, on my couch, around 3.

This boy is wearing me out.