Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Shopping Ideas

First off let me answer a few questions. Yes, he is that dumb. Yes, he does need all the help he can get. And yes, I will be wearing a lovely black cashmere blazer on New Year's Eve, providing he doesn't stain it at his Christmas Party.

Now on to other pleasing things. I would like to recommend a couple of things for those of you who are still undecided on what to buy for your favorite single straight boy who needs all the help he can get, and for your favorite gay boy or girl who just need a laugh. Let me preface this by saying, I receive no compensation from products I may recommend on my blog. And if I am ever that fortunate I will mention it.

Both of my recommendations are books from two really good authors, and both are available online at your favorite bookseller.

The first is "A New Ladies Man" by Colin Mortensen. Some of you may remember Colin from "The Real World, Hawaii". Colin had sent me a copy of his book to read, and I have to tell you, it is a must for straight single guys! His advice is quite straightforward (sorry). He has a great sense of humor and this book is quite a fun read. In fact, it has good advice for just about anyone and I really enjoyed it myself. If you know any straight single men who really need help with dating and their relationships with women, this book would be perfect. And for the rest of us, there is a lot of great common sense information. And it's damn funny too!

The second is a book for your favorite gay boy or girl. Or yourself. This book was recommended to me a while back, and I had bought it, but only recently got a chance to read it. "How I Paid for College : A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater" by Marc Acito. I have to say I don't ever remember sitting on the, ummm, on the.... well you know where..., and laughing my, uh..., well just laughing hysterically.

I think this is a must read for any gay man or woman. It's funny, it's clever, and I think it could well be fact, not fiction. There are many moments when I thought I was reading about myself and my experiences.

And after all that humor, here is a final recommendation. I was sent this link the other day, and while I really don't know what a Carls Jr is, this commercial had me in stitches. Milk Shake