Friday, December 30, 2005

What a year!

In the tradition of, well everybody else, let's recap.

I learned how to buy underwear for myself that doesn't say FTL on them.

I learned early in the year that dating and men suck. And not always in the good way.

I learned the joys and pains (mostly pains) of manscaping.

I learned that men who want to control your lives are asshats. Oh and I learned the word asshat and I can use it in a sentence!

I learned that the boy that I have had a crush on for over two years, had a crush on me too.

I learned that one can have the most awesome summer of their lives, when spent with those that you love.

I learned that I am capable of loving again after tragedy, and that my mouth can actually speak the words I love you.

And what else?

I learned that a gay man can be best friends with a straight man.

I learned I was nominated for a blog award in the Popular category. I still haven't figured that one out. (link to vote posted in a post below)

I can actually go to the gym and not leave feeling like I have been beaten with a stick. Ok make that many sticks.

I can play football. Although not well. And not by choice.

I can finally tear down the wall that kept me from asking the boyfriend to live with me.


I actually had the cohones to ask him to marry me.


He said yes.