Saturday, October 16, 2004

Just some random Saturday morning thoughts...

Unscheduled drinking happened last night. But all were had by a good time. Busy day today too, and I am not happy with myself.

I'm working on an "about me" page, because several people asked for one, and Thomas seems to feel that "A blog without a bio is like a stripper with a small dick, still interesting, but not nearly as satisfying". SO that is enough of a ringing endorsement for me. And an interesting visual I must say.

I'm hungry and I need a shower. Now if that boy would just get out of my bed I could get my day started.

Oh I know what you are thinking, "Hey good for you Joseph, you got some!". But alas no, just a friend staying over. Although in my alcohol-induced haze last night it crossed my mind. Several times. Ok - a lot, but the morning brings clarity and the happy feeling that I did not succumb. Besides, he has drool running out of his mouth and all over my pillow. I was kissing that mouth last night. Maybe we should have just... naw.

I hate watching TV these days. Everytime a political commercial comes on I hit the mute button. Yes I am voting, and I freely share my politcal thoughts as to why I am voting how I am voting. I don't want to belabor this page with all of that, but I will just say that my quality of life has not improved in the last four years, far from it in fact, and most everyone I know has employment issues. Do the math.

Cold out. I hate non-summer. Except for the snuggling. Maybe I should get in bed with... naw.