Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sometimes I am embarassed by the fact that I grew up in this area, but indeed, I do have relatives in this extremely small town below. I have to say - isn't a good thing he didn't have one of those newly legal assault weapons around?

CONFLUENCE, Pa. - A man missed a mouse he was trying to shoot with a small-caliber handgun and wounded his girlfriend instead, state police said.

Donald Rugg, 43, of Confluence, was trying to kill the rodent with a .22-caliber handgun when his girlfriend, Cathy Jo Harris, 38, apparently went into the line of fire and was hit in the arm early Tuesday morning, state police said.

She was taken to Somerset Hospital where she was listed in fair condition Tuesday, said hospital spokesman Greg Chiappelli.

Neither Rugg nor Harris could immediately be reached for comment.

State police said they won't charge Rugg, but advised against people shooting firearms inside.

Ummm. Do ya think? Gee, I would never have thought of that advice. Thanks for letting us know, dear PA State Police!!!!