Sunday, October 17, 2004

Streams of semi-conciousness...

Yes it's been a long rough weekend and I am exhausted. I need to do some serious studying for school. I still have laundry to do unless I want to "go commando" to work tomorrow. It's not a feeling I enjoy - at least not at work. And besides, it's cold out. The boys need to be warm!

I wish I had time for shopping this weekend. I don't need a new mattress, but I would like to have someone other than friends sleeping on mine. I did buy new flannel sheets last week just in case it's me and the dog all winter. Do they make dog nose covers?

Is it possible to still have a hangover from Friday night. My brain is still fuzzy. I'm not sure I can concentrate on homework. Football is on, but I just realized I haven't been paying attention to it since the first quarter. A little over two minutes left. Wow, I can make out the outline of the ref's dick in his white pants. I've never dated a football player. Slept with one once. For several weeks actually. Forgot about him. Hmmm. Do I have his number? Oh wait, schoolwork.

1 yard to go, 43 seconds, they send in The Bus. TD! Steelers leading 30 seconds to go. Cool! I guess homework can wait another 30 seconds.

Man that new QB is hot! Love to be his center... I am never going to get my work done.