Wednesday, October 20, 2004


What a great word. I've been told if I work on it, I can actually say it. I have also been told, that if I say it, miraculous things will occur. Like having time to myself to do things that normal people have time to get done. Also, saying no up front means not empowering people with the chance to complain when that which I accomplish does not meet up with their expectations.

So where is this coming from? Well, basically there are things that I do in my life that involve another word, volunteer. However, I am spending much of my time providing services that normally would require the recepients to spend a great deal of money. When I am behind for whatever reason, or I give them exactly what they asked for (which is not what they actually wanted), then they feel the need to complain. And the complaints are in the method that I would only expect from a boss. You know, the word boss, the person who is actually in charge of whether I receive the compensation that pays my mortgage.

So today I am adopting this new word, No. I figure with the commitments that I currently have responsibility for, then starting to use this word today will mean that I will again have time to water my plants, clean my house, figure out where the dog is under all of that laundry, possibly get laid - I mean date, 'round about June 2005.

Sigh. Maybe I just need a houseboy.