Saturday, April 23, 2005

I got it bad...and good

Spring Fever. Sigh.

I can't stand being indoors anymore. The weather has been tremendous. We went from 20s and 30s and snow to 70s and 80s in just a couple of days. And for the most part, for the past two weeks, it has stayed that way.

Let's just recap Joey's life the past two weeks. It's April. I've been to the shore already. I have the beginnings of a tan. My mind can't concentrate on work or writing. I have a boyfriend. Wait that's not right. I have a... Ok, what is the word for someone who you want to spend all of your time with, who you sleep with most nights, who all of your friends already call your husband, who you are in luh...


Well yeah I guess that would qualify it alright. But it's spring. And I just don't know if I am ready to be an "us" when I desperately need to be a "me".