Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It was only a matter of time.

"I'm just not getting it"

"You will. Just concentrate. You seem distracted."

He was so right. Why wouldn't I be? The course I was in at the time was tough. I've never really excelled at math and as much as I dreaded the thought, I had to take this course. My advisor had told me that there was plenty of support, and a T.A. who was available outside of class.

Well after only a few sessions, I definitely needed the help. So early Saturday morning I dragged myself to campus to the lab. As soon as I opened the door I was distracted. Sweet-Mario-Lopez-on-a-stick. The T.A. was gorgeous. The extremely confident individual that I am, I just wanted to back out of the room and go home. How the hell could I concentrate with him in the room?

I had figured he'd be another condescending jock, not really helpful at all. By the end of the session I got it. The math concepts that is. But I spent a lot of time sneaking glances at his... ummmm..., crotchal area. And damn he smelled good. Every time he leaned in to me my heart raced.

I went back Saturday after Saturday. Was it to see him? Duh. He was really good. At teaching that is. By the end of the semester I was good too. At math. I aced the final and ended up with a B+ overall. I decided as a thank you I would ask him out for a drink. He agreed. We got to know each other much better that night.

And now, two years later.... well you all know him as TCB.