Sunday, June 12, 2005

Life's a Beach

Well I am sorry to say that I have experienced a huge loss. My old Dell workhorse has gone home to the great god Chip.

I got home last week, powered him up, boot. In my infinite wisdom I left my laptop here at the shore so, no blogging for Joey for the week.

So let's catch up. The week at home was hot. No not that kind of hot, I mean 90+ degree hot. Very odd for June, but then again the weather this year has been odd. Here at the shore however, it's been gorgeous. The days are in the 80s, but there is a wonderful sea breeze which keeps it feeling much cooler.

This weekend, no BF. I know he wanted to be here. He is as much a shore rat as me, but life prevailed. I share this house with two friends, so I wasn't alone. Next weekend HSNB will be down as well. Millions of fantasies are running through my mind let me tell you!

I'm sure some people would ask why I summer in the "Jersey Hamptons" instead of someplace more befitting my orientation. I've been to Rehobeth, and Fire Island. Lots of hot boys sure, but I would prefer to have my summer without all the pretense. I spend my week listening to people bitch and moan, and I don't want to spend my weekends with all of the drama!

Yes there are plenty of gay people here. I know most of them that are local, and the tourists I can usually pick out very quickly. Most of them seem to have the mindset I do, and most are couples. There are no gay bars or clubs on the island, but I've never run across any problems in the nightlife here.

I've been told I'm an assimilator. I don't agree. I'm just me, living my life the way I want. Amd these days, I'm absolutely loving it.