Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Oh good grief, not a post about him again.

What is it that attracts someone to someone else? I don't mean just "Wow, he's hot!", I mean truly attracted. By now you all know that I originally started talking about my boyfriend here as The College Boy.

He was a teaching assistant for one of my classes. I have known him for over two years, and it was only in the past six months that we have had a relationship.

Yes, the relationship part started out as just sex. Oh be quiet, I know I broke my own rule about not having sex with someone I was interested in seeing romantically. What I didn't realize, or maybe fooled myself into not acknowledging, was that I was romantically interested in him. I have been for a long time. Granted, he is younger, but only by a few years.

We have had a number of in-depth discussions, and as it turns out, I was the one being stalked and didn't know it. He was after me. For two years. And I didn't see it coming. I said my middle name was naive, but no one believed me.

I always thought he was just a safe friend, someone who I poured my heart out to over Kirk because he was distanced from my inner circle of friends and could be objective. What I didn't realize is that it was much more. On both sides. I started dating and was just not all that interested in the guys I was seeing. Supermarket guy was too controlling, etc etc.

And the whole time there he was, just waiting to see if I would ever feel the same about him. He is very intelligent. Intelligent enough to see what I couldn't. He has stolen my heart.