Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Got to let it show

So it's National Coming Out Day here in the US. Yes, the mail is still delivered, banks are open, and the government has to go to work. Well, whatever it is that they do, they have to be in their offices.

I thought I would take time to celebrate today by sharing my coming out story. But. I don't have one. Oh I am sure there are little stories here and there about when I first told so and so. But thinking back, I don't really remember a time where I planned and agonized over telling someone. I probably have, but I may have just blocked it out.

See I have never been one to just announce to the world that I am gay. Nor have I ever been one to hide it. I am sure that I have, in deference to my not being beaten to a pulp or saving my job in years past.

Gay is just one adjective that describes me. I live by the "You ask, I'll tell" policy. If I believe the person asking has any malicious intent whatsoever, I answer the question flippantly, and then follow up with a question right back. "Damn straight I am. Are you homophobic, or just interested in taking me to dinner?".

So there you have it. My not so exciting not really coming out story. So should you be Out and Proud? Well, I believe everyone should do what is best for them. If you want to paste a rainbow sticker on your forehead and be out and loud, by all means do so. If that's just not you, then don't. But just be honest with yourself, and love yourself. Everything else will fall in place.