Thursday, October 13, 2005

What's the news across the nation?

Things to do while getting ready for work. My take on today's headlines:

Deadly bird flu strain found in Turkey
Oh great, there goes my dinner plans for Thanksgiving

Fox Cancels 'The Simple Life'
And we care why?

Republican Senate leader subpoenaed in possible insider trading probe
There's a shock. Anyone wanna guess on how he'll get off?

Fox Ends Paris' "Life"
It was only a matter of time before someone did.

First day of school for aspiring Vatican exorcists
From the people who had problems with Harry Potter

Report: It's Over for Jude and Sienna
And we care why?

Couples on East, West Coasts Wait to Wed
Join the club. We've been waiting a long time ourselves.

Martha Stewart to build houses with KB Home
Will anyone be shocked if they turn out to all be celery green?

Woman's body found at recycling center
Makes sense to me

A Historic Discovery, in Beethoven's Own Hand
Let me guess. His dick?

'Prada' latest: So not worth it
I've been saying that for years

Apple follows up portable music with launch of video iPod
Gee, wonder what they will release next month that everyone will rush out to buy? Any of you who want to sell me your old iPods, let me know.

An Antarctica Sighting in Central Park
Unless it shows up in DC, the Republicans will still deny Global Warming

Yahoo To Bar Pedophile Chat Rooms
They just thought of this now?

New Heatshield Design Tests Europe and Russian Researchers
Wonder how many they can strap on to the rocket at a time?