Monday, October 31, 2005


Since it's Halloween I guess it fits. I've had what is best known as the "creeping cruds" for most of the past week. My system seems to have been fighting off - something. While most people around me had aches and chills, and sore throats, exhaustion, and general malaise, I've mostly just had the exhaustion. Sleep has been my best friend. I missed the weekend totally, opting to trade costumes and frolic for the comfort of my couch and a quilt.

I spent most of last week trudging to work, and coming home to rest. Is it better to be all out sick, or just going through the body war that keeps you tired? Well when you are completely ill, you stay home and get better. This way, I was still functional, just miserable. Feeling better today - so far anyway.

Scary creatures will be coming to my door tonight. I think maybe I'll leave the candy bowl on the porch, and get some sleep.