Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oddly enough

Someone mentioned I should take a look at my statistics to see the keywords that people type into search engines that ultimately lead to this corner of the world. So here is two seconds of searches. I must say, it's ummmm, interesting. And disturbing...

18:00:02 joeydestino.blogspot.com (Google)
Well that makes sense.

18:00:02 Steve Sandvoss (AOL)
Wise choice. I loves me some Steve!

18:00:01 stephen lynch what halloween means to me (Yahoo)
Another wise choice. BTW, I do not profit from the link to his site. Unless he gets me tickets (Hint Hint Stephen).

18:00:01 hot guys (Netscape)
Well that one makes sense too! Why do people think these searches are odd?

18:00:01 Try this one," said Jack, "and I'll say it just one time. Tell you what, we could a had a good (Google)
Oh dear goddess, you typed all of that? You can find the whole story online typing a lot less than that.

18:00:01 NJ gym masturbate shower (Google)
I don't remember stringing those 4 expressions together so it must be a shore post. Oh and, ewwwwww. Never masturbate in a gym shower. Do that at home. Now if someone else is doing it to you...

18:00:01 get traveling destin (MSN)
I have no clue on this one.

18:00:01 Marc Sparky Bartolomeo photo OR picture (Google)
Good taste :)

18:00:01 fake drowning (Google)
Hmmm. Ah, the lifeguard post!

18:00:01 hot guys (AOL)
Wow, that's popular.

18:00:01 i want to read brokeback mountain (MSN)
Ok fine. Here's a hint people. Try doing a search on Amazon's site. The whole text is there.

18:00:01 sucksdick (MSN)
Why yes, that's what men who date other men do. Usually. According to Margaret Cho it's the secret to great abs.

18:00:01 lesbian strap on sex samples (Yahoo)
Oh Sweet-Cher-In-Spandex-And-Leather, are you in the wrong place!!!