Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hungry for Beef?

Random Thoughts...

I'm adding a new adjective to me. Disenfranchised. That's all I'm saying about "the speech".

Very tired. It's been a long day, in a long week. And it's only Wednesday.

I'm actually liking the new "Queer Eye". Maybe it's just that it's a different cast. As long as Thom Filicia is not on the show, I'm happy. I stopped shopping at Pier One because of him. In fact, I only truly care for Kyan. Everytime I see him, I just wish that I could switch places with him for one night. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to be under Robert Gant?

Speaking of wanting to be under, HSNB was over this evening to return a shirt I forced him to wear after he slept over he borrowed.

Did I mention I have a birthday coming up? Sigh. I never celebrate it. After all, it truly just means acknowledging that my parents actually had sex, and I was the result.

The pic is Billy Currington, country singer. I'm thinking I need to listen to more country.