Thursday, February 24, 2005

So what's in my drawers?

I never really gave my underwear much thought until the night I took off my pants in front of him.

I wear boxer-briefs. I like them. They are supportive where they need to be. The boys like that feeling. I usually buy a certain brand (I'm not saying which because they aren't paying me for the plug). The fit is good. The price is good. The colors are plain. In fact, I buy white and black only.

A few weeks ago, HSNB stayed over during a snow storm. There was no where to go that evening and he had called to find out what I was doing. I had movies and food. He had beer. So he walked over to my place. We laughed and joked all evening. Even after the electricity went out. Well by the time the evening was ending, there was quite a bit of snow. He asked if I minded if he stayed over. Of course I didn't have a problem with it. I would never send a man out into the cold. Besides, I have a fireplace, and he doesn't.

We decided to sleep in the living room because of the fireplace. When I came back downstairs with the blankets and pillows, he was taking off his pants. You have no idea how many times that scene had played in my mind before that! We already know the boy is hot. And I have seen him shirtless, in nothing but shorts, during the summer. But man, this was different.

Of course I took off my clothes as well. And then it happened. He took one look at me in my underwear. His expression changed, his face lighting up as if it were Christmas morning. His mouth opened and in my mind I heard him tell me he wanted me. In reality, he laughed. Then he asked if my budget was that bad that I had to buy department store brand underwear.

Oddly enough I didn't through him out into the snow. In fact, we really became much closer that night. Closer than I expected. He has become something very special to me.

But before I find myself taking off my pants in front of anyone else, I'm going shopping.