Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Shopping for meat

He called...... No, not him, he calls all the time. HIM! You know, the guy from the supermarket!

I have been giddy as a schoolgirl ever since. After the infamous store incident, we did actually talk on the phone a few times, and we met for coffee. But, as happens in my life, he was supposed to call, but didn't. And Mama Destino always said, "If he doesn't call, then he's no good!". Okay she said that to my sister, but I got the idea.

What's that you say? Was his excuse plausible? Oh who cares, the man is Grade A Beef on a stick! And intelligent, and funny, and...


So I said sure, I would go out with him this weekend. Of course I told him he was paying for dinner! He owes me for not calling. My sister taught me that.