Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Nice Board

I guess it's part of my overall mood lately. Something my doctor (gay and gorgeous and partnered) calls SAD. Seasonal Affected Disorder. Don't ya just love labels.

But I've been feeling, well, nostalgic lately. I'm missing people in my past. Why is it that we come into each other's lives and then just drift away? I talk to almost no one from college anymore, let alone that horror that was high school.

I've been in several relationships with people, none of whom I talk to anymore. Oh wait, there are reasons for that distance. All well deserved.

There have been people in my life that have had great impact, deep friendships, with whom I shared so much. But they have all drifted away.

Being in theatre is a lot like that too. A cast comes together and shares so much, and no matter how much you say they you are going to keep in touch, get together, go for drinks, it rarely happens. We all go on with our lives. All to different destinations.


Maybe I just need the sun, the warmth.