Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The holidays are exhausting, but well worth it I guess. The parties and the travelling are all completed. The outside lights have all been taken down and extension cords have been wrapped. The windows are bare, and the wreath is off the door. The heirloom and regular ornaments have been removed from the tree and packed in tissue paper. The halls have all been undecked. Christmas cards have been filed away for future reference, and china and glassware have all been washed and placed in their cabinets.

Thank the gods it's all over! And now life can finally get back to normal. The house is finally spotless again and I can settle in for a long winter's nap. Just me and the dog. Quiet evenings snuggled up under a comforter on the couch in front of the TV. I can catch up on movies and reading. It can snow all it wants now, because I have no responsibilites other than work, and walking the dog. Yep. I am looking forward to the quiet solitude, and the holidays are all now just a memory in my lazy days. Ah, normalcy. And rest.


I just remembered. I asked the BF to move in.

Closets have to be cleaned. Decisions have to be made. Furniture has to be moved. Dinner will be more than just take out. I have to get up earlier for work so we can both be on time. What are we going to do about utilities? Share them? Oh wait. He's going to want to share my office too! Do I need to set up a network for the broadband access? Where is all of his stuff going to fit?

Oh. My. Goddess. What have I done?