Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spread the Love

I'm swamped again at work. Swamped at home too trying to make two households fit into one. So as much as I wish it was, writing is not at the top of my priorities right now. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and advice on my "issue". And don't worry. I would sleep on cement as long as it meant that boy will be part of my life!

But instead of droning on with my self-absorption today, I want you to go somewhere else. As you can see by my blogroll, I read a lot of other blogs. And as I have said before, it is a rich tapestry of life. And today I want you to go read one of them. One specific one.

I started reading his blog several months ago. How did I find it? I don't really remember, but I have been reading him ever since.

He is going to be 25 this week. Younger than me obviously. But this man has moxie. And he impresses the hell out of me. His life hasn't been all that easy, but he has made it work.

What impresses me most is, that he took chances at a very young age to better himself. Granted, they didn't really go as well as planned and it caused financial problems, but instead of caving in he saw what he needed to do and he did it. He works his ass off, twice as hard as anyone I know, just to climb back up and realize his dreams. I have a feeling he is going to really go far in life.

And on top of that. He is quite handsome, has a great boyfriend, and an awfully cute dog! And he's funny, and witty, and very entertaining. His Weekly White Boy Dance videos are not to be missed.

So in the first of my new weekly "Spread the Love" posts in which I am going to highlight someone you may not be reading who you really should, let me introduce you to Stephen. And Stephen I hope you don't mind my linking to the pic of you and Levi!

Inside Stephen