Friday, January 13, 2006

I think in stereo

We interrupt today's post for a public service announcement. I have shelled out the big bucks to upgrade my haloscan account so that the comment pop-up no longer has ads, and I will be able to do an email reply for comments, making it much easier to respond. We now return you to your regularly scheduled frivilousness.

The scene: A modest townhouse located near Valley Forge Park in Pennsylvania. Our heros are spending a quiet evening at home. That is until Joey begins playing a video on his PC while working. And singing along.

Joey: (Singing) The Chronic What Cles of Narnia, The Chronic...
BF: Why do you keep playing that video over and over?
Joey: Hmmmm?
BF: Why do you keep playing that video?
Joey: I know! Don't you love it?
BF: Honestly, no. At least I did until I heard it the 400th time.
Joey: Really?
BF: Really. Do you always play videos while you are working?
Joey: No, just this one. It''s all over the innernets. I usually just play music.
BF: How can you do that?
Joey: Oh, I just open the jukebox thingy and
BF: (interrupting) No, I meant how can you concentrate with the music on, and sing at the same time? And the TV.
Joey: Well I told you a long time ago I have adult onset ADD. I function better when I am multi-tasking.
BF: (Blank stare, silence)
Joey: Was there something you wanted dear?
BF: A different song maybe?
Joey: But I love this one.
BF: And I love you. (leaning over Joey and shutting off the video)
Joey: (Singing in BF's ear, grinning) They call us Aaron Burr from the way we're droppin' Hamiltons.
BF: Sigh. What have I gotten myself into?

And Joey's boyfriend wasn't able to say anything else once Joey grabbed him and threw him down on the carpet. You can all guess what happened next.